Saturday, November 19, 2005

Venido a Miami

There will be no gangbangs on the 7th floor tonight. This time, it's the Hurricane players whose asses are sore. Chan Gailey now has more big wins at Ga Tech (one) than he had during his entire tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. Georgia Tech's defense absolutely manhandled the Miami offense today, showing more focus, and surprsingly, more speed than the Miami players in a tremendous 14-10 upset. Suddenly, a lot of teams that thought they were on the outside looking in for BCS bids are celebrating a potential invite. The Vick household is slammin' Hypnotiq and Valtrex with the Blacksburg High drill team. Oregon cheerleaders are rubbing oil on each other between pillow fights. Notre Dame fans are proclaiming this as God's confirmation that they are superior to everyone.

This game took away all of the sting from yet another terrible day of college bets. If not for Antonio Pittman doing his DeShaun Foster impression going into the end zone, I would have been shutout. Oregon St. and Stanford both put up pathetic peformances, and Michigan State was just sad to witness. In fact, I'd put that whole team on suicide watch tonight. I'm not saying they beat themselves, but Mike Tyson is calling them self-destructive. On four occasions, they had the ball inside the 30 and ended up with no points (2 INTs, 2 Missed FGs). I'm not sure why John L Smith ever even bothers sending in the field goal unit. Stat of the day: the Spartans only made 5 of 17 field goals for the entire season. Dayum.

But this is not a day to lament my losses, but rather to celebrate the hope that Miami gave the rest of the nation. It's the first positive thing to come out of "The U" since God gave Jimmy Johnson to the Dallas Cowboys.


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