Friday, November 18, 2005

Tupac +2 vs Biggie

It's rivalry week in college football. This is usually a difficult day of football to handicap, but since I'm about .500 on the college season anyway, I may as well give it a shot.

Ohio State -3 at Michigan: If Penn St. loses, then the winner of this game wins the Big 11. Jim Tressel has done what John Cooper could never do: regularly beat Michigan (he's 3-1). The best athelte on offense (Ginn) and defense (Hawk) both play for the Buckeyes. Troy Smith will do his best Vince Young impression against the Michigan defense. As for Michigan...well, Chad Henne is more John Navarre than Tom Brady. Last season, Ohio St. 'disrespected' Michigan by having bomb-sniffing dogs waiting for the Maize and Blue when they got off their bus. This season, the dogs will be barking. Michigan is getting bombed in their house. Ohio St. 31 Michigan 13.

Oregon St. +13.5 at Oregon. Since Kellen Clemens went down, the combination of Dennis Dixon and Brady Leaf (yes, Ryan's brother) has been winning games, but just barely. The last 3 Oregon wins have been 28-21, 27-20, and 34-31. Oregon State has their own inexperienced QB with sophomore Ryan Gunderson getting the start for the injured Matt Moore. On the other end of the experience spectrum, it's Matt Hass' last game as a Beaver. I think he'll light it up against the Oregon defense. I don't know if the Beavers can win, but I do think they'll score enough points to stay close. By the way, famous Oregon State alumni include Nobel winner Linus Pauling and PMOY Jodi Ann Paterson. Guess which one I'm posting a pic of? Oregon 34 OSU 31.

Michigan St. +7.5 at Penn St. It's time for Joe Paterno to wake up from his dream season....and to realize that he's soiled himself. Michigan St. 24, Penn St. 9

Stanford +5 vs Cal. Cal has lost 4 of their last 5 and now Steve Levy is being given the start at QB for the Bears. Get out of town and I mean it! (By the way it took me 15 minutes to think of the SportCenter anchor's catch phrase- not exactly "en fuego"). Granted anyone is an upgrade over Joe Ayoob, but I don't see Levy channeling the spirit of Kevin Moen for this one. This time the Stanford band will be out on the field, and someone will likely slam into them- but it will because the band is full of obnoxious pricks, not because Cal has won the game. Stanford 27, Cal 17.


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