Friday, November 18, 2005

Bruins Handle Hooters

When I was a kid, I'd go down to the courts to look for a pickup game. Sometimes there'd just be one kid who was like 3 years older and a foot taller than me. We'd play 1-on-1, but to equalize things, we'd make a rule that all shots had to be taken outside of the key. I think Ben Howland and John Chaney looked at their rosters before last night's matchup and agreed upon the same rule. While both teams have solid perimeter players, there was no inside game at all. The only purpose of the centers in this game was to fumble rebounds. UCLA center Ryan Hollins' lack of development has been a major disappointment. When he first came to the Bruins, I thought he had the potential to develop into a Marcus Camby type player. But I suppose that when you look like Jaye Davidson, that's just too much to overcome.

Arron Afflalo on the other hand continues to impress. He has immediately stepped into the role of team leader now that Dijon Thompson is lighting up the NBDL. The more I watch him, the more I expect him to go pro after this season. My only hope is that he gets word that the Toronto Raptors are intrested in him, and he decides that there are some things you just can't be paid to do.

UCLA beat Temple 54-47 and will move on to play Memphis. John Chaney gets to fly back to Philadelphia, where he can be seen wandering the streets, talking to the little men on his shoulder.


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