Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Need the Action

Despite every insinct telling me to take a few days off from betting on hoops and just play the role of observer, I'm going to give a couple games a shot today.

Denver at Dallas over 201.5 The Nuggets haven't been scoring much on the road this year, but they also haven't played at Dallas yet. The Mavericks defense should be just what the doctor ordered for Denver's offense. I like George Karl's move of starting DeMarr Johnson instead of Voshon Lenard. It adds a lot more athleticism and makes the Nuggets more of an up-and-down the court team, which is where they're at their best.

Washington -15 vs Air Force. Nate Robinson may be gone, but dont sleep on the Huskies this year. Washington plays a pressing defense that leads to a lot of easy baskets. Air Force prefers that the final score is somewhere in the 50s, whereas the Huskies target around 80. I think both teams get their wish: Washington 80, Air Force 54.


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