Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Whither T.O.?

My sportsbook has placed odds as to what team Terrell Owens will be playing for first in 2006. They are:

Denver 2-1
Dallas, Miami, Atlanta 3-1
Minnesota: 6.5-1
New Orleans: 8-1
Baltimore: 10-1
Green Bay: 11-1
Oakland, Jets: 15-1
All others: 20-1
Won't play at all: 22-1

I know Chris Mortensen already did his very scientific "Space Invaders" breakdown that indicated that Owens would be a Bronco, but I'm not so sure. I think Owens will go to a team that reaches the playoffs in 2005, but doesn't make it to the Super Bowl. That way he'll feel like he's the difference maker between a championship team and an also-ran. The Broncos definitely fit that description, but two other teams intrigue me as well.

Dallas Cowboys. Jerry doesn't remember that Owens ran onto the star at Texas Stadium. What he does remember is that Owens burned his defense for two touchdowns that day. Jerry brought in Keyshawn after his similar ordeal with Tampa Bay. It definitely provides a good road map for how to proceed with Owens. All we need now is for Owens to come on TV and say, "Bill. I won't be playing for you next year," and we'll know it's a done deal.

Seattle Seahawks. I know right now management is saying that they have no interest. But what happens if they lose another playoff game because their wide receivers couldn't make the big plays when they needed them? Owens would also allow Darrell Jackson to move to the #2 WR slot where he's better suited. Assuming they sign Shaun Alexander next year, that's quite a run/pass threat. Also if the Seahawks don't go to the Super Bowl this year, then Holmgren will be on the hot seat and might be desperate to try anything to keep his 'genius' status.

My prediction is that the next time T.O. grabs a set of pom poms after a touchdown, it will be from a Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader.


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