Friday, November 18, 2005

Marbury Admits He Sucks at Point Guard

For years Stephon Marbury played just like Allen Iverson: well except for playing with heart, picking up teamates or winning anything. Now he wants to make it official. The New York Daily News reported that Stephon Marbury requested to be moved to shooting guard so he could score more. Always the master of timing, this request came after a 2 of 9 shooting night. Surprisingly, Larry Brown didn't think the best route for the team would be for the guy that shot 22% to take more shots. I'm pretty sure that rather than treat Starbury like the next A.I., Larry would rather treat him like the next Darko. Brown has already benched him for the majority of the 4th qtr of one game and I'm willing to bet this is just the beginning of a trend. Ideally, Larry would like to trade Stephon, but since he has the worst contract in the NBA, that's going to be difficult. So instead, we'll be treated to Larry and Stephon battling each other in the press and Stephon will be treated to a nice view of Jessica Alba from the Knicks' bench.


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