Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is Somebody Cooking Fajitas?

Watts, Ryan. Fall 2005 report card. Math: D. Biology: F. Chemistry: F. Marksmanship: A-

Ryan Watts was terrified his father would find out about his bad grades at Santa Clara High School. So the 15-year-old shot and killed his dad, prosecutors said, and lit their house on fire.
Then he walked to Taco Bell for a couple of tacos.

Watts knew his father was scheduled to meet with his school counselors the following week.
He began to plan.
His father had a gun locker filled with weapons. Watts' grandfather had been a gunsmith, Overstreet said.
Watts took a handgun and cartridges from the safe and hid them in his bedroom.
Instead of going to school Monday, Watts took the loaded gun and a knife and hid in his back yard. Then he sneaked back inside, where he waited, listening outside of his fathers' closed bedroom door.
After several hours, he heard his father dial the telephone. Watts was convinced his father was calling the school and would find out about his grades. He burst into the bedroom. He shot his father in the neck and shoulder, then stepped closer and shot him in the head at close range.
His original plan was to bury his father's body in the back yard.
But his father was too heavy. Watts covered the body with sleeping bags, poured flammable liquid over them and other places in his house. He lit them all on fire.
Watts stashed the gun and went to Taco Bell. He ate two tacos and walked back home, hoping to find the place completely ablaze. But the fires had not engulfed the little home. So Watts called 911 and reported the fire.

A few Reactions:
Fellow students described Ryan as "a quiet, serious boy who kept to himself." Shocker. I know high school is all about the cliques, but you'd think that kids would learn and for the safety of all, elect the quiet kids to the student body government. Wouldn't you want Ryan as school treasurer if you saw this poster, "Vote for Ryan: Or He'll KILL SOMEONE!!!"...

So you've got a week to plan before your dad is going to find out about your grades- and this is what lil' Ryan comes up with: hide in backyard, shoot dad, bury him in the back yard. Then he can't get the body to the backyard nor can he get the entire house on fire?? Even when committing murder, he's a slacker. No wonder he was failing his classes!

If you'd just committed murder and might be facing a lifetime of jail, would you choose Taco Bell as your last meal in the outside world? I hope he at least got some sour cream with that.

And just a message to my son. If anything goes wrong, and you're worried how I'll react- there's nothing that can't be smoothed out over some Hooters wings.


At Sat Dec 17, 09:05:00 PM PST , Anonymous jason said...

Let's consider the dad for a moment. He thinks Ryan's already out the door for school. Is dad getting ready for work? No, he's still in bed making phone calls.

Who could fat, lonely dad be calling - while in bed - when he thinks he's got the whole house to himself?

I imagine the poor phone sex operator on the other end of the line - "Yeah, this guy was so into it, when he got off it sounded like a shotgun blast. Damn, I'm good!"

At Sat Dec 17, 10:47:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

That would better explain why he couldn't move the dad to the backyard. Maybe he was a little too "sticky" and Ryan didn't want to touch it.


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