Thursday, December 29, 2005

Say What?

Obscure bet of the day: Idaho St. -4 vs Binghamton. (Opening Round. Gossner Foods Classic.)
This game is being played in Logan, Utah. Binghamton is off to a 2-8 start and had to rally from a 12 point deficit to beat North Florida. Idaho State, led by 6-9 center Antoine "Slim" Millien is off to a 7-2 start. Ok, fine, I have no clue who he is. But ask yourself this- if you were from Binghamton and had to travel to the middle of Utah to play a game, would you be in a shitty mood the entire trip? Me too.

Other picks:
Penn +7.5 at Hawaii. Hawaii is good, but their getting a few bonus points because of their season-opening win against Michigan State. Penn hung tough with Villanova- if the jet lag isn't too much, then they should be able to stay close to the Warriors.

Stanford +7.5 at UCLA. I hope I'm wrong, but strange things seem to happen whenever these two teams meet.

And in one other remote game that a few people may be interested in:
Detroit -240 ML vs Miami. Detroit is 11-1 at home. After dismantling San Antonio on Christmas, they'll be motivated to beat down Miami and erase any lingering doubts as to who the frontrunner for the NBA title should be. It appears that the mainstream media must be reading my blog as Chauncey Billups is now starting to get some hype as an MVP candidate. It's either that or I just made a very obvious claim and am just one of the masses.


At Thu Dec 29, 12:46:00 PM PST , Anonymous jason said...

Take it from someone who played in a Mormon basketball league for two years: the Gossner Foods Classic is the Wooden Classic of the LDS world.

Joseph Smith surely intervenes on behalf of Utah teams in this tourney. How else could Utah St. beat down LMU 87-42 last year? Betting against a Utah team in the GFS is like saying Mormonism itself is a sham.

Oh, right. Go Idaho State!


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