Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm Going Soft

Jeff Reardon was doing his day after Christmas shopping at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, Florida. He walked into a Hamilton Jewelers, handed an employee a note stating he had a gun and was robbing the place, then made off with $170 in cash. He was then followed by the store manager and arrested in the parking lot by police.

Reardon explains the incident by revealing that he has been on anti-depressants since the death of his son last year and flipped out on his medications.

I'm inclined to believe Reardon and his attorney on this one. The heist itself was so poorly executed that there's no way it was planned by a sane mind. He picks a busy shopping day and then leaves with a little cash instead of taking expensive jewelery. This story rings of Alonzo Spellman wandering naked in the snow after flipping on his medication. Unless other facts come to light, such as that Reardon had burned through all his cash on blow and was desperate, I won't condemn him for his actions.

Tony Dungy mourned his son's death at his funeral today. I'm sure most people would show compassion if a year from now, he robs a Nordstroms and walks out with two cable knit sweaters.


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