Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Call to Action

I have learned my lesson with the NBA pointspreads. I am obviously an idiot with no more ability to pick the winners of a game than a semi-retarded sheepdog. The Oracle however has shown that his vision is clear; and I question him no more. Here are his picks for the day:

Spurs -4.5 over Knicks
Just because it’s the Spurs …and they’re playing the Knicks. Brown/Popovich matchups are great, but I don’t know if the Knicks are dialed-in enough to hear LB’s message. While the Marbury/Crawford backcourt duo matches up closely against Parker/VanExel, I'm hoping the basketball gods punish NY for putting Nate on IR. Spurs are on a slide, but a 5 game slide?
(Insomniac's take: I had vowed not to bet on the Spurs until Manu Ginobili returned to the team. But keeping my vows has never been a strong suit of mine. If my wife is reading, I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.)

New Orleans +8.5 over Twolves
I’ve been wanting to support the vagabonds all season and now I’m ready to jump full on the bandwagon. The hornets are rolling, the twolves are a two man team with a ridiculous dropoff in talent, it could work out. The only drawback is that when the Hornets lose, they usually lose big – only 4 of 13 losses are within 10 points.
(Insomniac's take: If this works out, you can also support a vagabond by checking out Spearmint Rhino's featured dancer schedule. Unfortunately, there will be no porn stars appearing the week of Christmas, which makes me wonder if Santa got my letter this year.)

Portland +12.5 over Memphis
Yes, this has every indication of a letdown game for the Blazers, but maybe they’re young enough to stay hype the next day. Grizzlies like to keep it low scoring, which means blowout potential isn’t as large. Plus, the Blazers might have an edge on the boards which should keep them close.
(Insomniac's take: Is a letdown game for the Blazers one in which Ruben Patterson hits someone or one where he doesn't? Either way, it's worth watching.)


At Thu Dec 22, 09:55:00 AM PST , Anonymous Steve said...

Just wanted to let you know your readership has increased by one.

I'm dissapointed in you for the Indy pick - and you should have gone with my POW this week ... I had a clear vision about the Bengals over the Lions (of course, I don't have the balls to post my picks on the internet - so easy for me to brag now).

At Thu Dec 22, 12:55:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

Glad to have ya aboard Steve. I hope I don't cost you too much money.


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