Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gong Show, Baby

I actually pulled some cash out of my sportsbook account to lock in some gains. (I know, given what I've posted here it's hard to believe that I'm actually up on the season, but I am.) Usually whenever I pull out money, it has the same effect as an announcer mentioning that a player is a great free throw shooter. So we'll see if I drop a brick on these picks...

Clippers at New Jersey over 185.5 - This is the oracle's pick: "Not really one to advocate betting the over/under, but it’s Lawler’s law. Against the Clippers, it’s a race to 100. Looking at each team’s last 5, it looks like both are up to the task."

Dallas -155 at Lakers - Difference maker in this one: Devin Harris. He'll be able to drive the lane and create open looks for Dirk, Van Horn, et al. If that doesn't work, maybe Kobe Bryant will get a run in his nylons and have to sit out for an extended period of time.

As for the title, it will make more sense if you're aware of the christmas gift Cingular and the Mavs have given their customers.


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