Sunday, December 18, 2005

Feelin' Like a Chump

Wow, I got bloodied and bruised today- much like the Dallas Cowboys. A perfect 0 for 4. Absolutely hideous. I can only hope that nobody actually read my picks before the games.

Here's the only thing I even remotely got right- Shawne Merriman did hit Manning on his first pass attempt, and it did set the tempo for the game. Great win for the Chargers, and huge play by Northern Illinois alum, Michael 'the burner' Turner. Unfortunately, looking at the Steelers and Jags schedule, it's going to take a miracle for San Diego to make it into the playoffs. But the Jags struggled against the Niners, so I guess anything's possible.

The Niners' loss combined with the Texans win sets up a showdown on the last week of the season. Loser gets the #1 pick. Assuming Alex Smith is still starting, I'm backpedaling from my previous statement and now putting the Niners as the frontrunner for that pick. It would set up an interesting situation. The Niners need a LOT of help, and while he's no Reggie Bush, they do have Frank Gore. There should be quite a few teams calling to move up for that #1 pick. Should they trade out of it to stockpile picks and talent? I say yes.

But what the hell do I know? I just put up a goose egg. If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas...well all of a sudden I find myself needing a little cash.


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