Thursday, December 22, 2005

ESPN Should Observe a Moment of Silence

James Dungy, son of Tony Dungy, was found dead of an apparant suicide today. Colts' President Bill Polian showed respect and remorse in making the team's statement:
"The thoughts and prayers of everyone in this building are with Tony and (wife) Lauren, their children and their extended family, and for the repose of James' soul," Polian said at a news conference at the Colts' training facility in Indianapolis. "This is a tragedy for the Dungy family and by extension his football family here with the Colts."

I normally wouldn't comment on this event at all, as I believe that this is a private matter for the Dungy family and how it affects the Colts or sports fans is of little concern at this time. Unfortunately, ESPN does not share my views. Under the guise of compassion, they have been exploiting this event the entire afternoon. Rather than show any humanity or dignity, ESPN went on full assault with: a reporter on the scene from the Sheriff's office, a reporter interviewing every Colt player for a sound byte, a reporter interviewing Tampa Bay players, and Dan Patrick interviewing an Indianaplis beat writer, all to illustrate what was immediately known- that this was a tragic event. I'm sure in the next few days, we will hear ESPN speculate on the motivations behind James Dungy's decision to take his own life, speculation on Tony Dungy's motivation to continue his career, and an unwittingly self-aggrandizing eulogy from Chris Berman. Sadly, this death brought out the vultures from Bristol.

I wish the Dungy family peace.


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