Saturday, December 24, 2005

Names Out of a Hat

I'm sick, I haven't studied the lines, and I don't even know which teams are holding out their starters. But since my educated guesses have stunk lately, maybe this will change my fortunes. I'm also going to go against my past and pick all home teams today.

Tampa Bay -3 vs Atlanta. Michael Vick has nightmares about Tampa. Whether it's Simeon Rice, Rhonde Barber, or a stripper he gave herpes, Vick is constantly harassed as soon as he arrives in the city. While anything would be an improvement over his performance in Chicago, I expect Vick to continue to struggle and Atlanta to be held under two TDs.

Carolina -4.5 vs Dallas. Anything tackle-related is a trouble spot for Dallas right now. The offensive tackles are struggling, and that should mean a big game for Julius Peppers. Anytime Drew Bledsoe receives pressure, it means turnovers galore. As for Dallas' defense, they can't tackle anyone, and DeShaun Foster should be able to run wild. This looks like a mirror image of the Redskins game to me.

Houston +6 vs Jacksonville. The Jags are playing for their playoff lives, but they almost lost on the road to San Francisco under the same circumstances. David Carr might be terrible, but unlike Alex Smith, he has thrown for a few TD passes this season. Houston will win the game and lose Reggie Bush.

Cleveland +6.5 vs Pittsburgh. Among other things, the holidays are a time for nostalgia. So I'm taking the way-back machine to the mid-80s when the dog pound was intimidating, and Frank Minnifield and Hanford Dixon were shutting down the passing game. As long as Earnest Byner doesn't fumble at a critical time, the Browns will pull off the upset.

(Steve, if you have any good feelings on a game or two today, feel free to comment)

This will be the first weekend where I don't have DirecTv going for the games, so if I don't post again for awhile, assume I'm shaking in a corner somewhere suffering from withdrawals.


At Mon Dec 26, 07:19:00 PM PST , Anonymous Steve said...

I didn't say I read this EVERYday ... so I guess telling you I have a really good feeling about SF +9 doesn't help you at this point.

Of course, when you feel really good about a game like this, you will inevitably parlay it with a much riskier game and of course lose (see NYG +3 at Wash) ...


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