Friday, January 27, 2006

Gam Bowl

I'm a little late getting these picks out. Black Russians for lunch was a bad idea

Cleveland -4 at Indiana. Jermaine O'Neal, out. Peja, on an airplane. If there's any good news for the Pacers, it's that they can look back at history and see a Spurs team that lost David Robinson to a back injury for the majority of a season. They then tanked the season and landed Tim Duncan with the first pick of the next draft. Unfortunately, Greg Oden can't turn pro for another year, and the idea of an Adam Morrison lottery isn't all that exciting. So, I take it back Pacer fan...there is no good news.

Sacramento at Boston under 198.5. Ron Artest should play this game which should lead to one of two scenarios. Either he'll come out pumped and shut down Paul Pierce, or he'll come out crazed and start a brawl that leads to eight ejections. Either one will support the under.

Golden State +8 at Lakers. Jason Richardson is out, but this was going to be Baron's game anyway, so I'm not overly concerned. Yes Kobe will have his 40, but as long as the Lakers as a team have fewer than 104, then GS should beat the spread.


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