Friday, January 20, 2006

Make Me Some Money

I haven't lost any cash on the NBA in a few days. My sportsbook must be worried about me. So here are a few picks for tonight:

Memphis at Philadelphia UNDER 188. Direct quote from The Oracle, "Sixers are streaky, Griz play it low scoring anyway. Unless Sixers are on fire, this one makes sense. Trouble is, Mo Cheeks had a 27 minute (that’s right, not half hour but a 27 minute) closed door “dear god we suck and have no teamwork” throw things at the wall team session after their last game. Should fire them up. Here’s hoping they’re fired up to play defense…." Sounds good to me.

The Oracle also likes: Milwaukee ML over Atlanta, Pacers +6.5 at Minn, Suns -8 vs Lakers.

Also on the slate for tonight:

New Jersey -1.5 at Boston. This is my pick, and I never win no matter what side I take on Celtics games. Be warned.

LA Lakers at Phoenix over 209. I expect this game to have about the same level of defensive intensity as an All-Star game. I also expect Kobe to take 30 shots.

Disclaimer: I gave these picks about 15 seconds of thought. Of course, I've been losing big after extensively breaking a game down, so maybe this will be a nice change of pace.


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