Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nate Has Embraced the Blazers Way

Thanks to reader JSon for this email:

Coach Nate McMillan's reaction to Sebastian Telfair bringing a loaded gun onto a plane:

"I think it was smart of him to not carry it around, so he left it on the plane," coach Nate McMillan said. "The thing he should have done is, we have security with us, and make them aware of the situation. It's a mistake that all of us can learn from."

It’s the “all of us can learn from” part that’s got me confused. Is he actually saying: “Well, we all carry loaded weapons when we fly – heck I got an uzi on me right now. But we should let security know what we’re packing, y’know, just so they have a chance to compete. We always outgun those muthafuckas”

It also just validates that ‘smart’ is a relative term.


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