Thursday, March 23, 2006

Billy Packer Gold Sheet Picks

In what can only be a sign of a much bigger problem, I'm wagering on tonight's action to try to come up with some scratch to roll out to Vegas for the weekend. Let's not examine this any further and instead just go straight to the picks.

Memphis -6 vs Bradley. In the special unrated DVD of Cinderella, the story ends with Cinderella being bent over a counter and pounded for hours. Sometimes art imitates life.
Note to self: Remove name from Vivid's mailing list.

Gonzaga +4 vs UCLA. I'll give some actual basketball anaylsis on this one. UCLA's winning streak coincided with Ryan Hollins realizing that he's almost 7 feet tall and should play basketball like a big man. He's turned into a viable threat on offense and a decent intimidator on defense. Most importantly, he's been able to stay out of foul trouble. That's going to come to an end tonight when he has to guard J.P. Batista. I predict that Hollins will get a couple fouls early while trying to send a message that he won't be intimidated and will end up riding the pine for most of the game. With Hollins out, the Bruins will be forced to double down low, and that's going to open things up for Adam Morrison. Even if UCLA has enough to win, I think this game will come down to the final possession.

Duke -5.5 vs LSU. Duke by double digits in this one. Sorry Bayou Bengals, I wish I had better news for ya, but Duke and Texas are destined for a rematch. Which means I should go ahead and pick...

Texas ML -230 vs West Virginia. I don't know which Longhorns team will show up, but either one is good enough to win. The focused team will win by 14. The overconfident team that goes through the motions will win by 3.

Tonight would be a great time to snap my losing streak. There are overpriced drinks and underdressed waitresses at the Hard Rock on the line here...


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