Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dallas 1, Phoenix 1.

I have no clue why I'm awake at 7:30 on a Saturday. This is very disorienting. But since I'm up, here are some belated, hungover, half-assed notes of Game 2 of the Mavs/Suns:

-Some people stand in the darkness (Van Horn)
afraid to step into the light. (Terry)
Some people need to help somebody (Nowitski)
when the edge of surrender's in sight. (Howard)

Don't you worry, Mavs fans, it's gonna be alright.

(The realization that this reference might be too dated for some of my readers makes me feel very old.)

-Steve Kerr was dead-on in his analysis of Steve Nash: "Nash is the only guy I've ever seen who can overdribble and still be unselfish." The difference between Nash and other 'overdribblers' (Arenas and B. Davis come to mind) is that Nash doesn't just stand in one spot while pounding the ball. He's constantly in motion, probing the defense, identifying mismatches, and looking for open teammates and passing lanes. It must be frustrating as hell to guard him, but it sure is a thing of beauty to watch. (This is the first time that Nash and beauty have been positively associated with each other.)

-I always liked Reggie Miller as a player. As a TNT in-studio analyst, well....I sure did like him as a player. Watching him trying to be witty with Barkley and Kenny Smith is like watching Barry Bonds trying to be respectful during a press conference. Just a really unnatural and uncomfortable experience.

-Has Chet Forte come back to life to direct the TNT broadcasts? The slo-motion cheerleader shot coming out of commercial was faaaaaaaantastic. More segments like that, and TNT will have to rename itself TNA.

-Finally, with a little over three minutes to go and the game still very much up for grabs, my left testicle started hurting spontaneously. From that moment on, Dallas went on to build a comfortable lead and close out the game. I'm sure it's probably coincidence, but if not, I'm not sure how to react to the possibility that I might have a clairvoyant left nut. One thing's for sure tho: I'm rooting for the Suns for the remainder of the series.


At Sun May 28, 11:23:00 PM PDT , Anonymous NFL Adam said...

I got the reference, but I'm an old dude. Zach is likely scratching his head.

At Mon May 29, 12:15:00 AM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

way to make fun of the young kid, adam. yeah, insomniac, totally don't ge the reference.

At Tue May 30, 12:27:00 AM PDT , Anonymous twins15 said...

Actually, I kinda like Reggie.

But yeah, Steve Kerr is pretty much awesome in broadcasts. Can be funny, but he's also really insightful.

At Tue May 30, 08:37:00 AM PDT , Anonymous insomniac said...

I think Reggie does a decent job when he's actually working a game. It was just in the studio with Barkley and Kenny Smith that he seemed out of his element to me. To be fair, Barkley and Smith have years of chemistry and it's tough for anyone to match that after just a day or two.


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