Monday, July 24, 2006

The Gag Has Been Removed

This site was getting spammed like crazy over the last week, so I decided to change the template to try to adjust the way comments were left. Unfortunately, I ended up disabling comments altogether. Oops. It looks like everything has been resolved now so that commenting has been restored to its previous state. So feel free to drop on by and say a word or two. And if you need a link for viagra online, sex toys, or bearded dragon info, this site is here for you too.


At Mon Jul 24, 06:08:00 PM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

i had the same damn problem with spammers this weekend. some interesting offers though.

At Tue Jul 25, 12:11:00 AM PDT , Anonymous House of Sports Blab said...

Same thing happened with my site. I got nailed with poker and porn, which sounds like a pretty good weekend if you're not talking about spam.

At Tue Jul 25, 10:05:00 PM PDT , Anonymous MC said...

Poker, porn and spam...I think that covers all the basic bodily essentials. Now I can return to adding witty comments. Meaning has been restored to my life.


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