Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Nightcap

I hate to post back-to-back Nightcaps. But hey, it's the weekend...and a relatively slow sports weekend at that. So assuming you had a pretty nice little Saturday- going to Home Depot, buying some wallpaper, maybe some flooring...maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond if there was time- here's what you missed in the world of sports.

For the second game in a row, Barry Bonds and his soon to be 42 year-old knees easily stole a base, prompting fans everywhere to wonder, "What's gotten into him?"

Natalie Gulbis is tied for the lead in the Jamie Farr Classic heading into the final day of play. Gulbis has yet to win an event on the LPGA tour, but now has the opportunity to prove that she's not just another "kinda pretty, not spectacular, but I guess I'd do her" face.

Billy Joe Tolliver is leading the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe. When asked about his strategy for the final day, Tolliver said, "I'm just going to try to not get drunk tonight. It wore me out last night." Now for the first time in my life, I find myself rooting for Billy Joe Tolliver. Leading the tournament is only the 2nd biggest achievement for Tolliver this weekend. His biggest accomplishment was actually being considered a celebrity.

The Milwaukee Brewers put Corey Koskie on the DL when he couldn't remember the words, "elephant, table, apples." I'm sure the team will list post-concussive syndrome, but I'd love to see an injury report read: "Out- Corey Koskie (apples)," tho it still won't top Carl Pavano being out because his butt hurt. To take Koskie's spot on the roster, the Brewers have called up Tony Gwynn, Jr. where he will join fellow Brewer Prince Fielder on the team of "Big League players whose fathers I saw play in person and make me feel really, really old."

Finally, in a much headlined story that noone really cared about, Sugar Shane Mosely knocked out Barbaro in the 6th round at the MGM Grand. Or something like that. Did I mention tonight's nightcap is being brought to you by Heitz wine cellars?


At Sun Jul 16, 10:23:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Adam said...

I thought Gulbis was hot right when she entered the tour. Now everyone else agrees. Should I be given some credit? Don't I deserve a date with Gulbis?

At Mon Jul 17, 12:48:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Rich said...

Gwynn's son got called up? Holy crap. I hate time.

I'll tell you, though: If you think watching sons of players you watched play in the majors makes you feel old, that's nothing compared to when the sons of players you watched play in the majors coach in the majors. That's when you start feeling the need to locate a walker.


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