Friday, July 28, 2006


I almost couldn't bring myself to submit a post tonight. I was still feeling too much pain and anger from today's announcement that Floyd Landis had failed his drug test. After falling for the feelgood story of the year (well other than the autistic ballhog draining threes), I wanted nothing to do with Floyd and his cheating ways. I tore down all of my Floyd Landis posters and threw them in the trash. I smashed my Landis bobblehip doll up against the wall. But just when I was about to write "Return to sender" on my case of Floyd Landis beer cozies, I heard some encouraging words. Floyd Landis was on the radio and he was proclaiming his innocence. This false positive could have just been the result of some legal treatments or supplements that he was taking. It seems that the actual culprit is a vitamin B shot that he got from Miguel Tejada.

What a relief.


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