Friday, August 18, 2006

Ah, The Power of Ellipses

From this article about Bill Laimbeer's prospects of becoming an NBA head coach, comes the following extracted quote from the hopeful coach:

"With the ladies, I can ride them a little more....On the men's side, they don't take too kindly to that."

You may choose your own joke to this. Possible suggestions include: WNBA players' resemblance to horses; Dennis Rodman, Vince Carter or JJ Redick as exceptions to the generalization that men don't take kindly to being ridden; the theory that Bill Laimbeer is actually an old biker lesbian. Really, the possibilities are endless.

As an aside, if you do a Google Image search for "WNBA," Google first comes back with "Did you mean NBA?" Even the search engines wonder, "do you really want to look at pictures of female basketball players? Are you sure??"


At Fri Aug 18, 09:31:00 PM PDT , Anonymous Mean Gene said...

Just wanted to pop over and thank you for the comment on my blog where I goofed and thought the three sixes would help Bill Simmons' opponent. I realized that in mid-drinking binge and corrected it.

I would, however, like to stick my thumb in your eye for putting the image of Bill Laimbeer "riding" any player in the WNBA. I will now be noisily and copiously sick.


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