Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If It's On, It Must Be Sports

The Sports Illustrated Swimusit issue should be at newsstands now, and while the issue seems downright quaint these day compared to what I can find online in just a few perverted google searches (or by perusing my bookmarks), it's still a must "read" for me as long as Marissa Miller is involved. has all the model galleries online (as well as pics of Beyonce), but I prefer to bask solely in the glory that is Marissa. Here are a few samples:

By the way, who knew the new ipod had a vibrator mode? That Steve Jobs thinks of everything!


At Wed Feb 14, 12:43:00 PM PST , Blogger Mini Me said...


At Fri Feb 16, 12:17:00 AM PST , Blogger twins15 said...

It may be a fine line between whether its sports or not... but I don't think you'll get too many arguments.


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