Monday, May 21, 2007

Beach Volleyball is Great For the Glutes

Sunday, I made my way down to Hermosa Beach to catch the final day of the AVP beach volleyball tournament. I'm not the most avid follower of beach volleyball, so I had a little bit to learn once I got there. What I learned most is just how much better life can be when you're drinking before noon. (Actually, I guess it was more of a refresher course.) But between stops at bars and picking up some free swag, I did manage to actually watch a few matches. In case you didn't catch the tape delayed broadcast on FSN, here's a very brief summary:

In the first semifinal in the women's division, it was Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor against two women who weren't quite camera ready by 9 am. Kerri Walsh showed great form throughout and led her team to victory.

Once in the finals, they continued to dominate, easily winning the title in two games, 21-15, 21-11. The win gave May-Treanor a record 73 wins on the tour. Other highlights from the day included an appearance by Eva Longoria in a celebrity match to benefit Padres Contra El Cancer that unfortunately was tarnished by the decision to give Carlos Mencia a mic and allow him to commentate during the match. (You won't believe this, but he spent the entire time making predictable, tired jokes utilizing Mexican stereotypes.) Fortunately, between the Cuervo Girls, the Bud Light Girls, and even Eva, there was plenty to keep a person distracted from the Bland of Mencia.

Apparently there was also a men's division competing throughout the day. But I somehow managed to miss that.

FYI, the next tour stop is this upcoming weekend in beach volleyball mecca, Louisville, Kentucky.

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