Tuesday, September 18, 2007

McNabb Needs To Play Every Week Like It's Shark Week

This is not a fun time to be Donovan McNabb. It must be unsettling when he lines up behind center and realizes that Kevin Curtis and Jason Avant are the only guys that can save him from being replaced by Kevin Kolb as the Eagles QB next season. He might think there will be greener pastures on other rosters, but considering that right now, Daunte Culpepper can't beat out Josh McCown in Oakland and Byron Leftwich is auditioning to see if he can take snaps away from Joey Harrington, life on the waiver wire doesn't seem to be full of opportunity. In hindsight, I'm sure McNabb wishes he'd treated Terrell Owens differently. Sure Owens is crazy and a megalomaniac, but at least he got open down the field. If T.O. is the Tracy Jordan of the league, then McNabb should have been his DotCom. (McNabb, after Owens drops a pass: "Wow, T.O., I can't believe you almost caught that, what with the crazy spin I put on the ball. Sorry, man. I'll do better next time.") At least then, McNabb would have some job security and maybe a few more wins (McNabb is 9-13 in his starts since the Super Bowl.)

Maybe McNabb should learn to kick a football between two goalposts. Apparently, you can play forever if you can do that consistently. The Falcons just signed 47 year-old kicker Morten Andersen after rookie Matt Prater went 1 for 4 to start the year. Andersen was drafted in 1982. To get a perspective on how much his career has outlived its generation, here are some other players from that '82 draft class: Jim McMahon, Darrin Nelson, Marcus Allen, Bubba Paris, and Mark Duper. When Morten Andersen entered the league, Jim Brown was still the all-time rushing leader (he's now 8th), Phoebe Cates was taking off her bikini top on the big screen, and Valerie Bertinelli was still thin. It was a long time ago. Now, Andersen just needs to stay in the league one more season and for the second consecutive year, one of George Blanda's records will be broken, this time for oldest player ever to suit up for a game. (The other record is the career INT record which Brett Favre will break shortly.)

It would also heighten Donovan McNabb's legacy if he were to take up placekicking. I'm pretty sure once he made his first field goal, he would immediately become the 2nd greatest black kicker of all-time. The best, of course, is the legendary Donald Igwebuike, who incidentally, is younger than Morten Andersen. It might not seem like much, but it's gotta be better than backing up Matt Schaub in Houston next season.

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At Tue Sep 18, 05:42:00 AM PDT , Blogger FFJewbacca said...

That headline wins the whole thing. Fantastic.


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