Monday, December 10, 2007

This Dog Won't Hunt No More

Michael Vick was sentenced to 161 dog months in federal prison today, and I fully expected Michael David Smith- aka the blog world's version of Skip Bayless- over at the AOL FanHouse to come up with at least 10 useless posts on the event. But I guess he's too busy trying to fabricate a controversy out of a few drunken Englishmen booing the national anthem during a prize fight in Las Vegas, so it's up to me to pick up the slack in the uselessness department. Fortunately, I'm up to the task.

As you can see by the image here, it was a pretty grim scene in the courthouse for Vick today. Although judging by his attire, I'm not sure if he was convicted of dogfighting or stealing everyone's cheeseburgers ("Don't take burgers, robble, robble.") Or maybe he's being shipped off to a 1920s chain gang to do his time? That would actually work out for him as if he were to make a run for it, he wouldn't have to worry too much about being caught. Even if the guards were to release bloodhounds on him, the dogs would just look at each other like, "are you crazy? Do you know what that guy does to dogs? I like my life too much. How 'bout I just sit hear and sniff some butts for awhile?)

Regardless, it's fair to say that whatever Michael Vick paid his team of attorneys, he got ripped off. Master P has negotiated better deals for players. He would have been far better off taking those millions and donating it to the Republican National Committee. Then all of the evidence against him would have been mysteriously destroyed and Vick's case would be tabled in pursuit of issues of greater national concern. Like say, tracking down those drunken boo-ers and sending them to Guantanemo Bay.

So anyway, I wonder what the topic of conversation will be during tonights Saints-Falcons game?



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