Thursday, November 08, 2007

Even On Injured Reserve, Matt Leinart Keeps Taking Hits

Last year, Matt Leinart celebrated his new contract by paying $2.4 million for a six bedroom, six and a half bath, 6,800 square-foot, tuscan style home in an Arizona suburb called Ahwatukee. This week, he sold the house to Phoenix Suns forward and real estate mogul (he owns four homes in Arizona) Amare Stoudemire for $1.9 million, for a tidy loss of $500,000, or roughly a little more than three years of child support payments.

You can now add "Real Estate" to a growing list of subjects for which you would never want to ask Matt Leinart's advice. That list includes:

Birth control
Driver's Ed.
STDs (allegedly)

On the plus side, if you ever need tips on the foxtrot, Matt's your guy.

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