Monday, November 12, 2007

Clipper Girl Recreates My Vision for the WNBA

I'll get to football later today, but it's pretty rare for anything noteworthy to happen at a Clippers game, so this gets priority. Besides, it's much easier to embed a video than to think of actual words to type.

A tip of the cap to Bethlehem Shoals at the Fanhouse who first posted this and writes, "This makes me think that we're really shortchanging these ladies when we make them into sex objects."

I agree. Rather than just admire the way a cheerleader looks in a short skirt, we should also appreciate some of this woman's other finer qualities, such as her flexibility and her undeniable skills with a ball in her hand. Also, how about the team attitude demonstrated by the rest of the squad? All of that hugging and jumping and together. Oh how I love the jumping and the hugging.

We really are shortchanging these girls. In fact, I'd say anything less than a row of singles laid out on a rail is just disrespectful.



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