Thursday, December 13, 2007

Words Fail Me. Pictures Never Do

The Wooden Classic was played over the weekend, and since it was a few days ago, here's a quick refresher on the action from that day. The Bruins dance team came out wearing their jersey tops (a fan favorite) but elected to wear pants instead of shorts and knee high socks. As a result, UCLA struggled early. At halftime, the girls changed into their blue dresses with the high slits, and it was the Bruins' game from that point on. I think some guys scored some baskets too, but my camera doesn't really have much evidence of that:

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At Thu Dec 13, 08:33:00 PM PST , Blogger The Big Picture said...

you're good man. you're good.

At Thu Dec 13, 08:50:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

Thanks, man. Now I just need SI to notice my work and hire me as one of their in-house voyeurs..I mean, photographers.

At Sat Dec 15, 03:51:00 PM PST , Blogger NFL Adam said...

When did the UCLA cheerleaders start this tradition of wearing basketball jerseys? Because I approve.

At Tue Dec 18, 09:25:00 AM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that #21 is hot!

At Wed Mar 26, 12:59:00 AM PDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no upskirts or bending over shots?

At Fri Nov 14, 06:13:00 AM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"no upskirts or bending over shots?"

My understanding is that they prefer those shots not be posted on the Web.


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