Monday, January 21, 2008

Sometimes Perfection Doesn't Have to Look Perfect

In "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Football," it's explained early on that a field goal is worth three points and a touchdown is worth six points. Had somebody made that information available to Norv Turner, perhaps the outcome of the AFC Championship Game would have been different. Turner's playcalling was far too conservative anytime the Chargers reached the Patriots side of the field. It was like Norv was coaching the game with the goal of beating the spread rather than winning the game. Isn't that why the Chargers fired Marty in the first place???

Perhaps the biggest play of the game was made by Junior Seau. Late in the 3rd quarter, with the Chargers trailing 14-9, San Diego had the ball inside the New England 10 on a 3rd and one. San Diego chose to hand the ball off to Michael Turner, and Seau read the play perfectly, shooting the gap and stuffing Turner for a loss on the play. The Chargers settled for a field goal and never really threatened again. For Seau, it was a terrific football play, but might have been a terrible business move. "Seau's" is a very popular, albeit outdated (24" standard def tube tvs....really?) sports bar in San Diego. I can't imagine why any Charger fan would want to step foot in the place again. Especially with Hooters just a few blocks away...

Coming into the day, I would have never guessed that by the end of the game, I would have gained some respect for Philip Rivers, and at the same time, lost some for LaDanian Tomlinson; but that's exactly what happened. LaDanian Tomlinson has said many times that growing up, his idol was Emmitt Smith. While the Chargers have been very circumspect in detailing LT's injury, I've gotta believe that in a similar circumstance, Emmitt would have found a way to play in that game. As Emmitt himself would likely say: "The key to playing through an injury is getting on the field even tho you're hurt."

I know this is going to come across as just being another Patriots hater, and if that's the case, so be it. Unless the Patriots get an absolutely dominating performance in the Super Bowl, this team isn't deserving of the "best team ever" label, regardless of the perfect record. Not when there are teams like the 1985 Chicago Bears, who outscored their playoff opponents by a combined 91-10, (not to mention the '84 and '89 Niners and the '92 Cowboys) in the history books. Meanwhile, the Patriots let a team that had its best three offensive players badly injured hang around for far too long, while playing at home no less. Yes, they eventually put them away; and while it's the mark of a champion, it isn't the statement you need to make if you think you're the best ever...

A strange thing happened while I was watching the Giants/Packers game. As the game progressed, I actually found myself rooting for the Giants to get the win. Then Fox decided to show Archie Manning between plays for about ten minutes straight, and I was immediately filled with shame and regret...

As the winning kick went through, it was a bit telling to see that the only guy that hugged Eli Manning was punter Jeff Feagles. I think the only guy with fewer friends on his team right now is LaDanian Tomlinson.

Surprisingly, the Giants looked like the team that was better equipped to handle the frigid temperatures. Maybe I was mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that while the NY defense was on the field, I saw Eli Manning slice open 300 pound backup QB Jared Lorenzen and warm himself in his underbelly like he was a tauntaun. Meanwhile on the other sidelines, Brett Favre had to make due with drinking Terry Bradshaw's moonshine...

Some people thought that had Favre led his team to the Super Bowl, it would have been appropriate for him to retire on top at the end of the season, a la John Elway. But really, is there a more fitting way for Favre to end his career than for his last pass to be an ill-advised interception to end a playoff game?

So it's going to be Belichick vs Coughlin in a good ol' fashioned Prick-Off. Tom Coughlin has two weeks until the big game, and he's going to need every day of it. Not to prepare for the game, but rather to find a suitable donor to have a new face grafted on after losing his old one to frostbite yesterday.

This season, the Super Bowl will be played at University of Phoenix stadium. The University of Phoenix: where degrees are handed out like every student was a star football player!



At Wed Jan 23, 05:19:00 PM PST , Anonymous Faust said...

haha... I'm just as much a perv as you are as I caught the 2 second shot of the girls freezing their nips off in the yellow bikini tops as well. Too bad they hadn't bought those cheese bras.

At Fri Feb 01, 12:11:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you call a Packer fan in a bikini?

Cheese Nips.


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