Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Action in Pauley Pavilion is a Joy to Behold

I've been going to UCLA basketball games for many years, and I can't remember a weekend series where the team has looked so dominant. In sweeping the Arizona schools, their play was efficient, unselfish, and unyielding. In short, they looked like a team of championship caliber.

Fittingly, the UCLA dance team was equally spectacular during the Arizona series. While always an exhibit of beauty and athleticism, this crew brought an energy and sex appeal that assured the crowd that there would be no downtime during timeouts. Fortunately, I had my camera to document the action on display:

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At Tue Feb 05, 07:35:00 AM PST , Blogger Eric said...

You're doing good work and there is no reason to feel too pervy. They know that they are getting their picture taken and there is an understanding of their purpose at the game.

In any case, keep it up and I hope to see more very soon.

At Thu Feb 07, 04:02:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't feel pervy, you're providing a very important service. A very important masturbatory service that is. The fact is that they wear short skirts while they jump and kick and do straight-legged bendovers is all anyone needs to know.

"What!?! A man looked at my underpants when I bent over and put my hands on the floor?! And his eyes drifted to my crotch when I kicked my leg up by my ear?! Outrageous! I'm an athlete, not a sex object!"

Whatever their protestations, let's don't pretend that cheerleaders -- college and pro -- are there to provide anything but sex appeal. Super awesome, super sexy-because-it's-wrapped up-in-a-wholesome-archtype sex appeal. So make with the sexy pictures that we all love (ahem . . . bendovers . . . ahem). That last picture is hotter than any porn I've ever seen. Don't hold out on us, man! And nice job with the Erin Andrews pictures!

At Thu Feb 07, 04:18:00 PM PST , Blogger insomniac said...

Eric and anon- you two make very compelling cases.

Thanks for the comments.

At Thu Feb 07, 05:40:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the USC Notre Dame football game this year. I was pumped because we were on the third row and I was certain it would be my opportunity to get some great shots of the Song Girls. However, I was inhibited because I didn't want the sexy lady I was with to think I was a perv. I didn't get shit. (This was the best I could do:


Don't bother clicking, it's lame.)

Plus said sexy lady got suspicious when I later asked if she would dress up as a cheerleader to spice up our love making. (She got over it and it did indeed spice up the old bouncy-bouncy. Yowza!)

The point I'm getting to here is that there should be some sort of seminar for cheerleader enthusiasts (sounds classy, right?) to learn covert photography techniques. Perhaps you, insomniac's lounge guy, are that man.

At Sun Feb 17, 10:14:00 AM PST , Blogger Sports Bettor said...

Love the Pics.

At Mon Feb 18, 08:30:00 AM PST , Blogger Mac G said...

Awesome, Purely Awesome.

At Sun Feb 24, 08:53:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously... those girls are out there to get the crowd's testosterone levels inflated to the next highest degree, creating a more full-throated aural support to the home team, and get those pheromones kicking all around the place to inspire the guys on the floor to soar that much higher. You are just documenting this much like a sociologist/zoologist. And, I, for one, encourage you to provide us with further visual studies. Ok, so there's a bit of the perv tendencies that are sated as well.....


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