Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reggie Miller Is All About Releasing on the Titty

I've got to hand it to NBA analysts- it seems like every game, I learn something new from them. Hubie Brown breaks down the Xs and Os of the game. Bill Walton teaches the viewer about world history and ancient civilizations. Tonight (after rewinding a few times to confirm that I actually heard what I thought I heard), I discovered during the 3-point contest that Reggie Miller's expertise is in dissecting the anatomy of the basketball court:

I've played a few pickup games in my life, and I'm pretty sure that this isn't really a term used on the playground- so where did Reggie learn it? My guess is that when Reggie Miller was younger, it was his sister Cheryl that taught him how to shoot three pointers. At the time, a young Reggie wasn't yet strong enough to release the ball from over his head, and so Cheryl instructed him to "shoot from the titty," and they just happened to be standing down by the baseline at the time.

But if Reggie's right, then I assume that it would follow that: getting trapped in the corner would be known as "squeezing the titty;" missing a potential game-winning shot from that spot would be "tough titties;" and of course a shot from the baseline which rattles around before going in must be known simply as a "motorboat."

The NBA...Where "Titty" Happens.

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