Thursday, February 07, 2008

So This Is What Can Happen With Consistent Effort?

Last night, it was revealed that the lead author ("Ken Tremendous") of one my favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan, is actually Michael Schur, a former SNL writer and presently striking writer for The Office.

Dammit, this is depressing. I hate when talented blogger types are also motivated, industrious, successful people. I prefer to think of them all as I view myself- lazy, undisciplined, yet moderately creative types who would be successful if only they ever got their act together.

You'd think that perhaps such a revelation would get me to concetrate (sic) my efforts to expand my readership beyond friends, fellow bloggers, and oversexed, voracious masturbators (there may be some overlap in those categories), but so far, all it's done is make me crack open a few beers with lunch....oh, and search my hard drive for a picture of Jenna Fischer's butt. So there's that.

(Also: Props to this diligent blogger who had already deduced KT's real identity months ago. Impressive work. Maybe for their next piece of detective work, they can figure out who stole the identity of Eli Manning over the last two months.)



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