Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Of These Caddies Have Shaved Their Rough

The Mickaela Foundation is a noble organization which provides funds for uninsured Colorado residents who are being treated for breast cancer. Oftentimes, local charities such as these depend on the support of their local community; and the Mickaela Foundation is no different in this regard. One of the local businesses which regularly supports this charity is a local strip club called Shotgun Willie's. Earlier this week, they held their annual charity golf tournament, which featured 144 golfers and 70 very sexy caddies. Everything was in place for patrons to raise some funds while getting a very up close view of the breasts they were trying to save. That is, until, a bunch of damned kids got in the way:

Young golfers, ages 7 to 12, had not completed their Monday morning tournament before participants arrived in limousines for the Shotgun Willie's Charity Golf Tournament.

The latter event featured patrons of the strip club paired with dancers who served as caddies. Broomfield Police later broke up the event after complaints from neighbors.

Let this be a lesson to parents everywhere. Stop trying to get your kids into golf. Your son is not going to be the next Tiger Woods. The only thing he will develop into is a douchebag with an oversized sense of entitlement. Leave the golfing with the people to whom it belongs: the overweight, beer-swilling, sunburned tool who wants to think that birdie they hit on the 13th eight months ago somehow compensates for their life turning into shit.

Oh, and breast cancer sucks.



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