Sunday, June 15, 2008

Change We Can Retreat In

I'm spending this week with my family in Washington DC, the city best known for being the home to 85% of all bloggers. Also, the President lives here or something.

Speaking of which, did you realize that Ralph Nader is running for President again in 2008? As part of his effort to stay current, he has incorporated the NBA officiating scandal into his campaign. In a recent post on his blog, Nader's people documented his pursuit of justice after the Kings/Lakers series in 2002:

Ralph Nader saw injustice and on June 4, 2002, Ralph wrote to NBA Commissioner David Stern asking for an investigation.

Ralph personally spoke with Stern.

But Stern stiffed Ralph.

No action was taken.

Wow - that's leadership! Just think how Nader's forceful presence would be felt in the White House:

-Nader confronts China and demands they improve human rights in mainland, Tibet, Taiwan and Darfur. Chinese leadership says no. Nader goes fishing.

-Nader demands transparency from Iran and North Korea with respect to their nuclear capabilities. They tell him to suck a Zionist dong. He does so.

-Nader suggests an environmentally-conscious pesticide for the white house rose garden. Gardeners refuse and lock him out of the white house. Nader lives in a tent.

Nice campaign strategy. It's hard to say which is more impotent: Nader's move for Presidency or the Lakers end-game techniques.

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