Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Heil Stern!

George Karl has been suspended for two games by the NBA for publicly criticizing the officials after the Nuggets' last game against the Nets. On one hand I'm pleased, because I'm betting against the Nuggets today, and Denver played terribly at the beginning of the season when Karl was out. On the other hand, here were Karl's scathing remarks:

"There's a rumor out of the league office that we're trying to take flopping out of the game, but I don't think that was orchestrated very much in those two calls," Karl said.

That's it?? I already knew that David Stern was a megalomaniac and power freak, but that's ridiculous. There's really only one explanation for this policy. David Stern must recognize that his league has the worst officiating in sports; but rather than actually try to clean up the crews, he'd rather just discipline anyone who even suggests that mistakes are made. He took the same course of action last year when he fined Jeff Van Gundy $100,000 and threatened to kick him out of the league for suggesting the officials were out to get Yao. Someone should introduce Stern to Dick Cheney- I think they'd get along great.


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