Friday, December 30, 2005

Bruins in Winter Hibernation

It's a good thing that UCLA is a basketball school, because their football team is stinking up El Paso as I type this. They've continued their trend of losing ugly, as Olsen has now thrown 3 INTs in the 1st quarter, with two of them being returned for TDs.

This is now three consecutive terrible efforts in bowl games to go along with getting pummelled by USC every year. And while a 9-3 record might look good on the surface, the team played much more like a .500 club all season. Hopefully this will rekindle the calls to fire Karl Dorrell. As a UCLA alum, I am tired of watching Karl Dorrell's catatonic vulcan routine on the sidelines and in press conferences. He can't motivate players, can't make game-day adjustments and is afraid to take chances when needed. Meanwhile over at USC, Pete Carroll goes for the jugular and then dances around the kill-site after the win. It's time for a change in Westwood.

I know it's wishful thinking that UCLA will fire Dorrell, but since I'm watching my team get their ass kicked by Northwestern, allow me to indulge in some fantasy. Whoever the next coach is that comes to Westwood has got to be someone with some fire. Maybe someone like Jim Haslett, a fallen from grace (he was the NFL Coach of the Year in 2000) coach who has something to prove- much like Carroll did when he came to USC. The Saints may stink this year, but at least it seems to bother Haslett- unlike Dorrell who I watch stare ahead impassively as his team gets destroyed yet again.


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