Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. I was watching the Florida/Arkansas game Saturday and I realized that my hairline was following the exact same pattern as Billy Donovan's. Having that glimpse into my widow peaked future, I spent the remainder of the weekend doing what any other guy in my position would do- drinking heavily and flirting with Hooters girls. I did catch a lil' bit of sports when I wasn't staring at the orange hot pants at the drink station. Here's what I remember...

Sometimes the symmetry in sports is a beautiful thing to behold. A week ago, Eddie Sutton blew a .22 on his breathalizer test, leading to a likely retirement. Today, JameSon Curry scored 22 points as Oklahoma State upset Texas and won one for Eddie.

At halftime of the NBA all-star game, Tracy McGrady explained that he's going through some personal problems, but that he would use this game as an "escape goat." Possible jokes on this one:
a) David Stern immediately sought to raise the NBA age minimum from 19 to 21.
b) So *that's* what McGrady turns into at the end of his Adidas fantasy commercial.
c) Tracy figured that he's used up everything else as an excuse already, and all that was left was an exhibition game that noone cared about.
d) none of the above. Nothing is funnier than the comment itself.
I'm going with "d."

I know March is still a few weeks away, but here's something to remember when it comes time to fill out your brackets. Don't advance any Pac-10 teams beyond the sweet 16. After the top two teams in the league, UCLA and Cal, put up some dud performances against weak opponents, it's pretty apparent that the teams in this league lack the focus and firepower to do any real damage in the NCAA tournament.

I forgot to watch and/or Tivo it, but sentimental favorite Nate Robinson won the dunk contest Saturday night. Among the highlights was Nate pulling Emmanuel Lewis out from the stands and dunking over him. Wait..that was Spud Webb? My bad.

Speaking of jams, reports out of Miami are that Ricky Williams is jammin' again. He better hope that Tags like jammin' too, or he's going to be given a year to complete his holistic medicine schooling. Don't be too mad at Ricky tho. I hear he just uses pot as an escape goat.


At Mon Feb 20, 10:13:00 AM PST , Anonymous jason said...

In all fairness, T-Mac was talking to Cheryl Miller at the time of his "escape goat" comment. It's kinda hard to talk to either of the Miller kids without "goat" coming to mind. His uncensored thoughts were probably:

"I'm gonna use this game as an escape goat - I mean escape - and just goat - I mean float - through it without without bleating - I mean beating - myself up about anything.



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