Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Kid in All of Us

A good evening to you wherever you might be. I'm in a serene mood tonight. I was flipping through the games tonight on the MLB package and came across the Dodgers/Braves matchup; and whose voice do I hear but the legendary Vin Scully. So of course I had to stop and listen to a few innings. Listening to Vin is a wistful journey in nostalgia while still being enraptured by the moment of the game at hand. His love of the game, even at a time when most fans are frustrated with it, is contagious. Rather than dwell on steroid scandals between pitches, Mr. Scully prefers to revel in the kid in the bleachers eating his cotton candy. Golden voices such as Vin Scully, Harry Kalas, and Jon Miller are able to harvest the last bits of unadulterated, unsullied joy remaining in baseball.

So tonight- no jokes or smart-ass comments. Just a tip of the hat to one of the true living legends of baseball. When Vin Scully is calling a game, it's like I'm a kid again and my grandfather is reading me a story before I go to sleep. There's just no better way to end a night.


At Thu Apr 06, 07:38:00 AM PDT , Anonymous jetsgrumbler said...

thanks. just set me off on my own flashback to listening to phil rizzuto on yankees games. why is it that baseball has a connection to childhood beyond that of any other sport? i don't even like baseball.

At Fri Apr 07, 12:49:00 AM PDT , Anonymous The Big Picture said...

"welcome to chavez raaavine. it's a wonderful day...for baseball."

only thing right about the dodgers!


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