Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Draft Dodging

So I tried watching the MLB amateur draft live on mlb.com, and I was even prepared to live blog it this morning. But I had to stop after just a few minutes upon realizing that I was in the midst of an incredibly depressing sports' experience, and that there were more productive ways to spend my day- like volunteering at a local soup kitchen or masturbating to The View. Pretty much anything would be an improvement over watching hours of streaming video about players I've never heard of broadcast from what looked like a public access television set. The major difference between the MLB draft and the upcoming NBA draft is that while I haven't heard of some of the guys in the NBA draft either, there's at least a good chance that in the near future, I will be familiar with them. As for Padres' first round draft pick third basemen Matthew Antonelli, it's quite possible that I'll never actually see him play- unless I somehow find myself in Mobile and want to catch a BayBears game. And honestly, if I do somehow end up in Mobile, Alabama, I've probably got more things to worry about than finding the local baseball diamond.

So I apologize, but you're on your own if you'd like to find analysis of today's draft. Now if you'll excuse me, Meredith Vieira is giving me that special look again.


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