Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jesus Take the Word Processer

If you are a head coach and your team wins a championship, then it's pretty standard that you'll be given a book deal. I mean even this guy has a book out. So it really comes as no surprise that today marks the release of Tony Dungy's memoirs: Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life. What was unexpected however was this lead-in on the SI.com story covering the release of the new book:

Colts coach Tony Dungy said some football fans may be surprised that his memoir "Quiet Strength," which hits stores Tuesday, goes beyond Super Bowl tales and delves into his Christian faith.

Which football fans would those be? The ones who were out of the country for the months of January and February and missed every playoff interview with Coach Dungy? He called out God's name more than a teenage boy receiving his first hummer. I'm actually more surprised that the memoirs go beyond his Christian faith and actually delve into Super Bowl tales. In fact, I fully expect his retelling of the Super Bowl to read something along these lines:

As the rain began to fall in Miami, it was as if I was being baptized all over again. I usually get baptized every Saturday anyway just to remind the Lord how committed I am to Him, but this baptism fell especially purifying. Then the Lord appeared before me in the form of two shaking pom poms and said, "Fear not. For last night, I sent an Angel to Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera who told him to play a soft cover-2 defense without putting any pressure on the quarterback. And lo, while Peyton Manning may toucheth a man and Dominic Rhodes drinks often from old wineskins, today they are made clean. For you are the chosen one who shall bring glory to My Name. Now go tell your people that we are even for that whole Katrina thing."

I think he's got himself a bestseller.



At Wed Jul 11, 01:21:00 PM PDT , Anonymous bsaddles said...

"a teenage boy getting his first hummer"
That brings your point home...


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