Friday, October 12, 2007

Hey, I Never Said I Was Alfred Einstein

After the horrendous picks I made two weeks ago, I considered discontinuing this feature of the blog. But then I realized a few things. First, I doubt anyone gives my picks any credibility to begin with. Second, it's unlikely that it's my selections that are the biggest draw to these posts. And lastly, Peter King and Chris Mortensen get things wrong on a weekly basis but that never deters them from publishing their columns. So with that, I proudly present my college picks for the week.

Boston College -13.5 at Notre Dame
Notre Dame finally has a win, but their offense still stinks. Boston College will not oblige the Irish with seven turnovers like UCLA did last week. If the Eagles have their 3rd string QB in the game, it will only be because they are up 50 points. This has "bet the house" written all over it; and if I had any more houses to bet away, I probably would.

Washington State +19 at Oregon
With the way things are going in college football this season, I'm not going to try to overthink things. Anytime there's a big underdog, I'm taking the points, unless that underdog happens to have an angry leprechaun as their mascot. So while I don't really have a compelling reason to believe that the Cougars can compete in Autzen Stadium (tho Alex Brink's 17/5 TD to Int ratio ain't too shabby), I wouldn't have been able to give a scenario in which Stanford could beat 'SC either. The Pac-10's leading receiver, Brandon Gibson, is doubtful for the game. Given the recent exhumation in the news, perhaps Wazzu can rally around their fallen comrade and "beat one spread for the Gibber." It doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but I'll take it.

Missouri +12 at Oklahoma
Missouri's offense can really light up the scoreboard. Granted they haven't played a defense as good as Oklahoma's yet, but nevertheless, Chase Daniel and co. have yet to be held under 38 points in a game. They are fourth nationally in total offense. Meanwhile, Oklahoma's offense has slowed down considerably since the Big 12 season began. After two games, they are only +4 in net points in conference play. Mizzou should be able to stay within striking distance the entire game, putting themselves in a position to pull off yet another upset in what has already been a wildly unpredictable year.

Wyoming -3.5 vs New Mexico
This does have some of the appearances of a trap game. This game is sandwiched between Wyoming's victory over TCU and a trip to Air Force. But ultimately, Wyoming's home field advanage should be worth enough points for the conference leader to cover the spread.

Washington +11.5 at ASU
The Huskies have lost three in a row, but they were in the game at the start of the 4th quarter in each one of them. ASU may also find themselves guilty of looking ahead to their next two games which are against Cal and Oregon. I think the Sun Devils will still be undefeated when this game is over, but it's going to be a bigger struggle than they're expecting.

Vanderbilt +7 vs Georgia
Last season, Georgia played Tennessee and Vanderbilt back to back, only both games were at home. Georgia lost to Tennessee 51-33 and then followed that up with a 24-22 loss to Vanderbilt. Last week, Georgia lost to Tennessee by three touchdowns. I'll bet on history to repeat itself.

(YTD: 18-15)



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