Monday, October 08, 2007

UCLA May Now Begin Auditions for a New Head Coach

So much for my impromptu vacation. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in...

Without a doubt, the big winners this weekend were UCLA football fans. Sure, right now they might be filled with anger and shame, but that embarassing, pathetic loss to Notre Dame was actually a blessing for their program. That defeat combined with USC's loss erased any possibility that Karl Dorrell could save his job beyond this season. With Dorrell, the program was destined for perpetual mediocrity. At least now, there's hope for the future. Message to Chris Peterson: I'm sure you're happy at Boise State, but UCLA isn't a bad place to be either. Ok, the Rose Bowl doesn't come with blue turf, but on the plus side, the campus is just a few miles down Sunset from the Church of Scientology headquarters. Think about it. What would Xenu do???

It would be a convenient excuse for Karl Dorrell to highlight the fact that he was playing the majority of the Notre Dame game with his 3rd string QB, a walk-on freshman with little experience (or discernible talent). Unfortunately for Captain Karl, Stanford managed to beat #2 USC in the LA Coliseum with a sophomore QB, Tavita Pritchard. Pritchard had only thrown three collegiate passes entering the game, and yet Jim Harbaugh was able to coach him up to the extent that he pulled off the greatest upset in college football history (at least in terms of point spreads). For any UCLA fans reading this blog, "coaching" is a term used in sports to describe the development of skills under the tutelage of a team leader or coach. I know it's been a foreign concept around this time of year in Westwood, but believe it or not, other programs actually perform this miracle with regularity.

By the way, Michigan fans would like Jim Harbaugh to know that they aren't really all that upset about those disparaging comments you made regarding the Michigan athletic department. Water under the bridge. And if you'd like to coach Michigan after Lloyd Carr is shown the door, why that would be just dandy. Tho it may take Wolverine fans a little while to get used to the possibility of actually winning some big games...

The polls would have been very interesting if LSU hadn't managed to put together a very impressive come from behind victory over Florida. Who would have been #1 this week if LSU had lost- Ohio State or idle Cal? The Golden Bears were the higher ranked team the previous week, and this week are still ahead of the Buckeyes by 27 points in the AP poll. But I'm finding it very difficult to believe that voters would have actually been able to pencil in Cal as the #1 team in the land. It would be far more comfortable for writers to go with the ol' Big Ten standby, OSU, don't ya think?

BCS organizers have to be getting concerned about the gradual rise of South Florida in the polls. Now at #5, the Bulls have to be considered a legitimate threat in the national title hunt. Granted, they still have to play Rutgers, Louisville and a very good Cincinnati team, so there's still a ways to go; but a championship game between LSU and South Florida isn't outside the realm of possibility. Maybe that's the way to finally get a playoff system implemented- put an overmatched, unknown team with little national following in the championship game to kill ratings. That would have to get the BCS scrambling for a change, wouldn't it? Go Bulls!

No offense intended towards USF head coach, Jim Leavitt. If you'd like to come to UCLA, the Bruins would be more than happy to have your services as well.

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At Mon Oct 08, 02:23:00 PM PDT , Blogger Jay said...

I would think that the BCS would be pretty concerned about any Big East team that might finish undefeated. None of them are going to bring any big fan base or sizzle to a BCS Championship game.

I think UCLA should go for an NFL coach like USC did. It makes a lot of sense for them to do that.

Besides, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt is about to spend more time with his family and Jim Leavitt would look fantastic on the sidelines in Fayetteville.

Yeah, I know we'll have to fight A&M and Nebraska for him. And I know the UofA prefers the "up and coming" (mediocre) coaches who they can pay less. Let me dream though, will ya? LOL

Great blog!


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