Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mesmerized by the Sit Spin

I think NBC skating analyst Dick Button summed it up best for every guy watching figure skating as Sasha Cohen grabbed her ankle, brought it up over her head and then spun around at a dizzying speed:
"I don't know about you, but I found myself through the very last seconds just holding my breath saying 'Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Don't lose it. Hold it.'"
I hear ya, Dick. Personally, I just try to think about baseball. Although it also would have worked to imagine Irina Slutskaya's face. Yikes. Watching her compete is inspiring Disney execs to greenlight a script about a teenage boy who tries to realize his olympic dream by pretending he's a girl.

Meanwhile, NBC has to be kicking itself for not hyping Tanith Belbin and Sasha Cohen earlier in the Olympic coverage. They could have opened each night with footage of Tanith and Sasha contorting themselves in ways usually only seen in underground comic books. Instead they opted to turn Bode Miller into the 2006 version of Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson and are being beaten in the ratings by Paula Abdul and a bunch of William Hung wannabes. Well done.


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