Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Devil Has Come To Collect His Due

There was a time when a person would never even consider taking out a large marker in Vegas that they couldn't repay immediately. Something about valuing the use of their extremities, I suppose. But those days have passed, and now gamblers think of markers as some sort of interest-free loan to be repaid the next time they get a big score. So if Steve Wynn of Wynn Las Vegas wants his money, he has to do what every American does when he's unhappy about a situation. He's gonna sue your ass.

First, it was Charles Barkley and the $400k he owed the casino. Then it was Alonzo Mourning and a $50k outstanding debt. Both of those debts have since been repaid. Now it's been revealed that Joe Francis, founder of the Girls Gone Wild, owes the Wynn a whopping 2 million bucks.

So now in addition to tax evasion, drug possession, child abuse and prostitution charges, Francis can add a massive gambling debt to his list of problems. It's almost enough to think that the $29 million a year cash flow and years of years of filming (among other things) young naked bodies wasn't worth it. Ok, that might be a stretch.

Still, for all of his work bringing the "Girls Gone Wild," mindset to college girls across the nation, Joe Francis should be an American hero. But instead, he's just a douchebag. It's unfortunate. Guys like him give the rest of us who just want to see an 18 yr old chick flash her boobies (and maybe make out w/ another 18 yr old) a bad name. Maybe Steve Wynn could bring a vise out just for old times sake.

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