Monday, February 27, 2006

Big Hurt Feelings

Frank Thomas and Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams got into a war of words over the weekend. Frank Thomas started the battle by playing the not-so-original claim that he was disrespected.
"I've got a lot of respect for Jerry Reinsdorf, I do. But I really thought, the relationship we had over the last 16 years, he would have picked up the phone to say, 'Big guy, we're moving forward. We're going somewhere different. We don't know your situation or what's going to happen.' I can live with that, I really can," Thomas said.
"But treating me like some passing-by-player. I've got no respect for that."

Ken Williams fired back with the heavy artillery:
"He's an idiot. He's selfish. That's why we don't miss him,"

"We don't miss him, by the way," Williams said. "If you go out there and ask any one of my players or staff members, we don't miss him."

"We don't miss his attitude. We don't miss the whining. We don't miss it. Good riddance. See you later."

"He brought us to this point. So, OK, you want to play this game? You've got it. You got it. He's the Oakland A's problem right now."

I get the feeling that they don't miss him much in Chicago...


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