Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Brazilian Team Might Be In Search Of A New Bunda

The Summer Olympics are just a few months away; and while there doesn't seem to be the same impact of The Games now that they aren't being used to decide the victor between communism and democracy, there is still something compelling about the tradition and grandeur of the events, and the culmination of a lifetime of training for the individuals. It is for these reasons that I am fascinated with the event that perhaps holds the most revered history and deepest tradition of them all. I'm talking of course of women's beach volleyball- a sport which exemplifies, teamwork, athleticism, and most notably, ass-slapping.

When it comes to the development of a posterior game, nobody puts the "booty" in "holy crap, did you see the booty on that chick?" quite like the Brazilian team. Regardless of outcome, each point is saluted with a hug and a pat on the butt to show support and encouragement for their teammate. Such sportsmanship and teamwork is a joy to behold.

Unfortunately, the Brazilians hopes for bringing home a gold took a blow recently when Juliana Silva (pictured, rear) suffered an injury to her left knee that usually requires surgery. Silva, no doubt gaining inspiration from Paul Pierce's miraculous recovery last month, has opted to forego surgery and instead try physical therapy and a customized knee pad to compensate for the injury.

Silva states that she is optimistic about recovering in time for the games, however if her knee does not respond as she hopes, then Larissa Franca is going to be in need of a new partner. The National Olympic Committee has not indicated who the alternate player might be, so I'd like to make a suggestion: Brazilian supermodel Raica Olivera. I have no idea if she's ever touched a volleyball, but I do think she'd be great for the games. Here is a portion of her resume:

That's what Olympic dreams are made of. Or at least some kind of dream. It's supposed to be hot and sticky in Beijing, so it's all pretty much the same either way



At Thu Jul 03, 05:58:00 AM PDT , Blogger FFJewbacca said...

I can always count on the Lounge for bringing us the inside news from a far too overlooked sport.

Plus, the chicks are hot.


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