Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dick Vitale Gives Jayhawk Cheerleaders His Feel Of Approval

Quiz time. After a three month absence from the internets, a sports blogger wants to reestablish a viewership to his website. Should he:

a) Take time to write an insightful, uplifting piece about an athlete who has had a positive influence on the community around him?

b) Write an inflammatory headline that might show up on a few search engines?

c) Rip on an ESPN personality?

d) Feature a midriff baring cheerleader?

e) Any of the above, except for God's sake, don't even think about "a."

The answer of course is "e," which is why it was nice timing that just when I was contemplating whether I should return to the blogosphere, I should see Dick Vitale dancing with some cheerleaders and..."freeze it!"

Hmmm...I might have a feel-good story, afterall. It's hard to tell, but it looks to me like Dicky V could be called for a hand-check violation on those moves. Although, it's not like he went for full-on cuppage, and there really aren't many 'safe' areas on a girl in a sports bra for a broadcaster to grab. So maybe this should just go in the category of, "no harm, no foul- play on."

Let's check the videotape:

Strange choice of music, I know. But I thought I'd get a head start on Vitale's tribute video after Bob Knight marginalizes him to ESPNU.

So upon further on. Play on playa, play on. Sorry, I think I channeled Stu Scott there for a second. (Hey, that's two ESPN personalities in one post. I think I'm finding my stride again pretty quickly. It's good to be back.)

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